Golfing in Münster

Anyone driving through the Münsterland today will see a green landscape with wide meadows, fields, hedges and forests and typical farms. Sometimes flat, then again slightly hilly,the ideal landscape and as if made for golf.

With more than 20 golf courses, the Münsterland offers you plenty of opportunities to practise your favourite sport. Each facility has its own distinctive character and charm.

Discover the attractive golf courses in Münsterland. In hardly any other region are the golf courses as close together as here in Münsterland. The excellent location of our hotel offers you the possibility to reach eight beautiful and challenging 9/18-hole courses in no time.

Enjoy your golf holiday at the Hotel zur Davert to the fullest. The tranquil and charming surroundings of the Münsterland also contribute to this and make your golf game a special experience.

If you have any questions about your stay, the golf courses or your tee times, the team at reception will of course be happy to help you at any time.

Golfclub Münster-Tinnen
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 5 km – approx. 8 minutes
  • Location: south-west of Münster in rural surroundings
  • Facility: 18-hole golf course, to be extended to 27 holes.
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome, start time reservation on weekends in high season
  • Contact: Golfclub Münster-Tinnen e.V., Am Kattwinkel 244, 48163 Münster, Phone 02536-33010 11, Fax 02536-3301021, E-Mail info(at) Internet
Golfen in Hiltrup
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 5.1 km – approx. 7 minutes
  • Location: In Münster-Hiltrup directly on the B54, next to the canal and Davert
  • Course: 9-hole golf course with a length of approx. 3,000 metres. Generous greens and golf holes up to 510 metres long in a unique landscape.
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome
  • Contact: Golfen in Hiltrup GmbH & Co. KG, Westfalenstraße 332, 48165 Münster Hiltrup, Phone 02501-5948719, Fax 02501-9289607, E-Mail info(at) Internet
Golfclub Münster-Wilkinghege
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 16.7 km – approx. 14 minutes
  • Location: north-west of Münster, close to the city, next to the Wilkinghege moated castle in a lush, typically Münsterland park landscape.
  • Course: 18-hole golf course situated between old trees, hedgerows, lakes, streams and biotopes.
  • Greenfee: Guests are welcome, a valid DGV card with a registered handicap up to -36 or an appropriate handicap sheet is required.
  • Contact: Golfclub Münster-Wilkinghege e.V., Steinfurter Straße 448, 48159 Münster, Phone 0251-214090, Fax 0251-2140940, E-Mail kontakt(at) Internet
Golfclub Brückhausen
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 18.6 km – approx. 28 minutes
  • Location: idyllically situated south-east of Münster not far from Alverskirchen next to the Angelauen nature reserve.
  • Course: 18-hole golf course with numerous water hazards in a Münsterland park landscape.
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome, course licence and membership of a golf club is required and proof of membership must be provided on request.
  • Contact: Golfclub Brückhausen e.V., Holling 4, 48351 Alverskirchen, Phone 02582-5645, Fax 02582-9919152, E-Mail info(at) Internet
Golf- und Landclub Nordkirchen
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 19.6 km – approx. 20 minutes
  • Location: south-west of Münster in the heart of the Münsterland region between Dortmund and Münster, not far from the municipality of Nordkirchen.
  • Course: 18-hole golf course in a charming park landscape
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome, on Sundays and public holidays the start for green fee players from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm is only possible in the company of members.
  • Contact: Golf- und Landclub Nordkirchen e.V., Am Golfplatz 6, 59394 Nordkirchen, Phone 02596-9190, Fax 02596-9195, E-Mail info(at), Internet
Golfclub Wasserschloss Westerwinkel
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 19.7 km – approx. 27 minutes
  • Location: South of Münster, near Herbern
  • Course: 18-hole golf course in the parkland of Westerwinkel moated castle, which can be seen from almost all holes.
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome
  • Contact: Golfclub Wasserschloss Westerwinkel e.V., Horn-Westerwinkel 5, 59387 Ascheberg-Herbern, Phone 02599-759323, Fax 02599 -759324, E-Mail, Internet
Golfclub Gut Hahues zu Telgte
  • Distance from the hotel to Davert: 26.1 km – approx. 31 minutes
  • Location: east of Münster in the heart of the Münsterland, between Münster and Warendorf in typical Münsterland countryside.
  • Course: 12-hole golf course in a natural landscape with numerous biotopes and idyllic ponds.
  • Greenfee: Guests welcome
  • Contact: Golfclub Gut Hahues zu Telgte e.V., Harkampsheide 5, 48291 Telgte, Phone 02504-72326, Fax 02504-72321, E-Mail sekretariat(at), Internet
The Golf Clubs of the Greenfee Association Münsterland

Golf- und Landclub Ahaus e.V.
Schmäinghook 36
48683 Ahaus
Phone 02567-405
Fax 02567-3524
E-Mail: info(at)

Golfclub Euregio Bad Bentheim e.V.
Am Hauptdiek 8
48455 Bad Bentheim
Phone 05922-77760
Fax 05922-777618
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Aldruper Heide e.V.
Aldruper Oberesch 12
48268 Greven
Phone 02571-97095
Fax 02571-952047
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Emstal e.V.
Beversundern 3
49784 Lingen
Phone 0591-63837
Fax 0591-9662616
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Osnabrück-Dütetal e.V.
Wersener Straße 17
49504 Lotte-Wersen
Phone 05404-998610
Fax 05404-9986122
E-Mail info(at)

Golf- und Landclub Nordkirchen e.V.
Am Golfplatz 6
59394 Nordkirchen
Phone 02596-9191
Fax 02596-9195
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Tecklenburger Land e.V.
Wallenweg 24
49545 Tecklenburg
Phone 05455-2080010

E-Mail sekretariat(at)

Warendorfer Golf Club An der Ems
Vohren 41
48231 Warendorf
Phone 02586-1792
Fax 02586-8408
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Brückhausen e.V.
Holling 4
48351 Alverskirchen
Phone 02582-5645
Fax 02582-9919152
E-Mail info(at)

Golf- und Landclub Coesfeld e.V.
Stevede 8a
48653 Coesfeld
Phone 02541-5957
Fax 02541-5986
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Hamm e.V.
Gobel-von-Drechen-Straße 8
59069 Hamm
Phone 02385-913500
Fax 02385-913501
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Stahlberg im Lippetal e.V.
Ebbeckeweg 3
59510 Lippetal-Lippborg
Phone 02527-8191
Fax 02527-8516
E-Mail golfclub.stahlberg(at)

Golfclub Münster-Wilkinghege e.V.
Steinfurter Straße 448
48159 Münster
Phone 0251-214090
Fax 0251-2140940
E-Mail info(at)

Golfsportclub Rheine/Mesum Gut Winterbrock e.V.
Wörstraße 201
48432 Rheine
Phone 05975-9490
Fax 05975-9491
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Gut Hahues zu Telgte e.V.
Harkampsheide 5
48291 Telgte
Phone 02504-72326
Fax 02504-72321
E-Mail sekretariat(at)

Golfclub Habichtswald e.V.
Industriestraße 16
49492 Westerkappeln
Phone 05456-96013
Fax 05456-96014
E-Mail sekretariat(at)

Golfclub Westerwinkel e.V.
Horn-Westerwinkel 5
59387 Ascheberg-Herbern
Phone 02599-759323
Fax 02599-92222
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Schloß Vornholz e.V.
Steinpatt 13
59320 Enningerloh
Phone 02524-5799
Fax 02524-950355
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Wasserburg Anholt e.V.
Schloss 3
46419 Isselburg
Phone 02874-915120
Fax 02874-915128
E-Mail sekretariat(at)

Golfclub Widukind Land e.V. Bad Oeyhausen
Auf dem Stickdorn 63
32584 Löhne
Phone 05228-7050
Fax 05228-1039
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Münster-Tinnen e.V.
Am Kattwinkel 244
48163 Münster
Phone 02536-330100
Fax 02536-330102
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Münsterland e.V.
Hollich 156a
48565 Steinfurt
Phone 02551-833550
Fax 02551-833555
E-Mail info(at)

Golfclub Schultenhof Peckeloh e.V.
Schultenallee 1
33775 Versmold
Phone 05423-42872
Fax 05423-42962
E-Mail info(at)